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Since 1994 Global Paperless Solutions has provided superior document scanning solutions for small and large business. In those early years document scanning was very new, the equipment was very expensive and the process was very labor intensive. While this new technology was very appealing to large and small business alike, it was only affordable for larger businesses. Our mission remains the same as it was in our humble beginnings: to make digital solutions, cost effective and affordable for ALL businesses.

Over the years scanning & web technology has changed dramatically, as well as our spectrum of solutions. Although digital solutions are much more affordable than they were years ago, businesses are finding it more profitable and cost effective to stay in the business they're in, and outsource to the experts!

We are committed to the success of our clients.

Stay up to date with Global Paperless Solutions. We are always moving forward with new technology solutions.

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AP and AR Processing

Improve your AP/AR processing

large delaying scanning

With laserfiche ecm, you can dramatically improve timely payments and reduce your collection costs!

  • Capture invoices via e-mail or scanner, and automatically route them to the right person for approval.
  • Securely store all your Invoices for quick audit and retrieval.
  • Use the Records Management feature to automatically purge documents according to their retention schedules.

Integrate Laserfiche with your existing ERP/Accounting system

  • With Laserfiche, you can integrate with your existing ERP system such as SAP, Microsoft Dymanics Great Plains and many others to create a more seemless accounting process dramatically reducing labor costs of all facets of the accounting process.
  • Reduce data entry with automatic vendor lookups

Access documents directly from your accounting system!

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GPS becomes Laserfiche VAR

GPS is proud to be a Value Added Resellser (VAR) for Laserfiche content management software. Laserfiche is a world leader in Enterprise Content Management software(ECM). Laserfiche is a good match for GPS because it aligns with our mission to help businesses improve...

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Laserfiche for Higher Education

Create a smooth support for admission, financial aid and more through process automation and secure records management.

  • Streamline the entire process of communication between departments.
  • Laserfiche online forms and business processes ensure things are done correctly the first time!
  • Mobile access to documents anytime anywhere.
  • Communicate with students more efficiently eliminating unnecessary phone calls.

Share documents and information between systems such as Banner, Peoplesoft and more

Standardize records management in every department

Enforce consistent, compliance records retention to adhere with FERPA, HIPAA and e-discovery regulations.

  • Maintain compliance with automated document filing, data entry and student records retention.
  • Protect confidential student and personnel files with granular, role-based security.
  • Instantly fulfill student records requests and transfers with immediate document access.
  • Log all system activity for audits.

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Laserfiche for HR


Provide instant access to employee files, automate personnel tasks and track decisions. gps can help you automate all stages of the hiring process from recruitment to onboarding, reviews and much more!


  • Use web forms to capture and route job applications.
  • Instantly send notifications to hiring managers when an application requires review.
  • Route hiring decisions to HR to expedite the employee onboarding process.
  • Automatically schedule IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other onboarding tasks when a new employee is hired.

  • Create and host web forms on intranet sites for employees to submit travel requests, expense reports and more.
  • Automatically track when employees become eligible for benefits enrollment.
  • Schedule reminder emails for employees to review their timesheets.
  • Track policy acknowledgements and other employee agreements.

Integrate with existing HR application

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Laserfiche for Justice

Justice Gavel and computer smallCreate a central hub for all legal records

Securely manage arrest records, court records, lab reports, photos, audio and video files from one system.

Securely share records between agencies

Expedite document review between court staff, attorneys and law enforcement.

Enable mobile court case management

Enable instant information sharing between judges, clerks, attorneys and records managers.

Improve legislative transparency

Deliver high-quality records to staff and the public with ease.

  • Enable citizens to view court opinions, agenda items on demand.
  • Publish an online public record complete with audio, video and supporting documents
  • Provide judges with real-time documentation in their chambers to perform remote video arraignments.
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