Document Scanning

We provide full service scanning – no need to hire extra people or invest in scanning hardware/software.

You can request a quote for your scanning project HERE.

Document Scanning

Business Records Scanning

Global Paperless Solutions can not only automate your business processes with Laserfiche, we can provide full service scanning so you don't have to hire extra people to convert documents or invest in scanning hardware/software. GPS can give you the benefits of Enterprise Content Management software without the hassle.

Educational Records Scanning

With each passing semester, the problem grows. Your school or district must warehouse more student records, requiring more space, or valuable time spent disposing of old records. Now, with our expertise in scanning student records and transcripts, Global Paperless Solutions makes it easy for you to "go paperless." By going digital, you can free up valuable storage space; create an accessible, real-time archiving system; and improve your efficiency. Our professional staff can assist in the following areas:

  • Transcripts/Graduation Records
  • Forms scanning
  • IEP's and centralization of all data
  • Entry into Progress book
  • Health Records
  • OCR of scanned documents
  • Web-based remote retrieval

Scanning for E-Discovery

Global Paperless Solutions is a proud partner with CloudNine Discovery. We can:

  • Automated Data Processing (File conversion during upload)
    • Near Native Rendering of Native Files to HTML
    • OCR (non-text embedded image files)
    • Duplicate Files Identified (MD5 hash value calculations for file identification)
  • Automated Extraction/Flattening
    • Extract Metadata (file and email attributes, etc.)
    • Extract Text (if available)
    • Extract Attachments from Emails
  • Search Tools (Immediately search after upload completes)
    • Full Text Search
    • Meta Data Search

Aperature Card Scanning

Global Paperless Solutions provides professional scanning services for aperature cards.

  • Aperture card conversion
  • Conversion of ALL formats
  • Database indexing from Hollerith code

Engineering Drawings

Global Paperless Solutions provides professional scanning services for engineering drawings, large and small.

  • ALL formats up to 42" wide
  • GIS integration with Laserfiche®