Automate you eDiscovery process with CloudNine™

Global paperless Solutions can scan all you legal documents, and upload them to the cloud for your review!

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Global Paperless will  Process your Documents

CloudNine allows self-service uploading, processing and early data assessment in our secure private network while automatically converting documents for review.  Cloud-based self-service eDiscovery software reduces the expense of traditional processing for both small and large volumes of data. Unlimited automated processing available with subscription.

Easy-to-use 100% Automated eDiscovery Processing

Upon upload, CloudNine's self-service eDiscovery software "automatically" converts documents to a format for review, so you can start your review in minutes not days.  You no longer need to call someone, so save yourself the regular hassles of traditional processing and upload your own data now. See our subscription plans that include unlimited automated processing.

Start Reviewing your Documents in Minutes!

CloudNine’s Online eDiscovery Review Tool eliminates the need for specialized processing of your discovery data prior to upload. Simply upload your data and your files are automatically processed, indexed and added to a secure online database for instant availability. Need a fast review? Ask how our attorney review team can help with the process.

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