Laserfiche® Software

Laserfiche is the effective solution to your Enterprise Content Management requirements.


Laserfiche RIO on the Cloud Docs on the Cloud

Experience Laserfiche Rio as Saas Fully Provisioned on the Cloud.

  • Laserfiche Rio functionality is accessible through PC, Web or Mobile Client.
  • No servers or capital costs – simple subscription per user
  • Secure access to all repositories and documents
  • Customizable folders, templates and fields.

Laserfiche is the solution to your Enterprise Content Management requirements. Now, Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud gives you Laserfiche power, fully configured, as a monthly Software-as-a-Service subscription. Access documents from PC, tablet or phone anywhere, anytime from a secure, dedicated Cloud server.

With Laserfiche Rio on the Cloud, you can be up and running in days.  There are no servers, no up- front capital costs, and no maintenance or administration costs.  You enjoy the benefits of a full Laserfiche system, including the professional support of Laserfiche and its Partners, hosted in a proven, secure Cloud environment.

Laserfiche RIO

Choose Laserfiche RIO Complete Business process automation. Connect documents with people and processes from the moment it is captured!

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Laserfiche Avante

Streamline back-office operations. Accomplish work faster by eliminating the manual tasks and overhead of process paperwork.

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Laserfiche Mobile App

With the Laserfiche Mobile app, you can access document on any mobile app anywhere!

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